Strong foundations for the SDGs

For any company to thrive in a resource-constrained world, the starting points are a robust sustainability strategy based on solid information, and leadership from the top. To build a sound foundation for its strategy, in 2016 the Carlsberg Group carried out research including a water risk assessment with WWF, a materiality matrix alongside BSR and an end-to-end carbon footprint in partnership with the Carbon Trust. These form the springboard for its refreshed sustainability strategy, with ambitious targets to be announced later in 2017.

The Carlsberg Group wants to use its strategy to be an agent of change. One Stone helped the Group map the four strategic priorities that came out of its materiality process: Energy and carbon, Water, Responsible drinking and Health & Safety, against the most relevant SDGs – 7, 3, 6 and 8. Rather than take a broad-brush approach to the SDGs, we focused on opportunities for change, and identified a specific target within each SDG where the Group can make the most difference.

Two further goals, SDG 12, Responsible consumption and production, and SDG 17, Partnerships for the goals, feature across the Group’s work. For instance, they are addressed in sustainable packaging innovations such as its bio-based Green Fiber Bottle and in partnership work through the Carlsberg Circular Community. Download the Carlsberg Group’s 2016 Sustainability Report to find out more.